Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

At Creative Minds Child Care, we place the utmost importance on your child’s well-being and safety. Our approach encourages children to explore independently and engage with their peers while fostering healthy habits, upholding a clean and sanitized environment, and implementing comprehensive wellness measures.

Air quality is important to us. We monitor and measure our air quality daily for 5 important factors of air quality: particulate matter (PM 2.5), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon monoxide (CO), humidity, and temperature. We 

We are certified as an Eco-Healthy Childcare Programs by the Children’s Environmental Health Network (C.E.H.N.). In order to be endorsed, our program must meet 30 best practices for environmental health. These include recycling, maintaining adequate air quality, using safe cleaning products, using only non-toxic toys and art supplies, maintaining exceptional cleaning practices, and a whole lot more. To learn more, please visit

Healthy Habits

A healthy lifestyle should be a life-long goal that starts at a young age. We emphasize all aspects of wellness through health, nutrition, and wellness and incorporate them seamlessly  into our daily classroom routines. Working cooperatively with the natural curiosity and boundless energy of young children we promote:

Keeping it Clean

Children learn through hands-on experiences, which can occasionally result in spills, sticky hands, and cluttered surfaces.

Staff training

Our parents entrust their child’s safety to us and that is a responsibility we take seriously. We are  certified in first aid/CPR ,allergens and food handling .

  We also:

Wellness protocols

Creative Minds Child Care  adheres to guidance and recommendations from local and state authorities regarding enhanced procedures to combat communicable diseases and illnesses.

This includes: