Measuring Child Development ASQ®

What does ASQ stand for?

Recognizing the uniqueness of each child, the approach is tailored accordingly. The Ages & Stages Questionnaires®, Third Edition (ASQ®-3), and Ages & Stages Questionnaires®: Social-Emotional, Second Edition (ASQ®:SE-2) serve as developmental screening tools designed to offer more individualized assistance to children by:

The Gold Standard

ASQ® is commonly used by pediatricians and is supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics for the developmental screening of young children’s skills. Evidence shows that the earlier development is assessed, the greater the chance that children will reach their potential. The questionnaires explore a variety of areas, from communication and motor skills to social-emotional development and more, and they are updated regularly to track progress.


ASQ®-3 helps programs and families provide more personalized support to every child by looking at the development of skills in children between the ages of one month to 5 ½ years across communication, fine motor, gross motor, personal-social and problem-solving skills.


Our exploration goes beyond academics to encompass a child's social and emotional development. ASQ®:SE-2 enhances our ability to gain a clearer understanding of a child's development, enabling us to provide more personalized support.

One of the significant strengths of ASQ® lies in the collaboration it fosters between families. This collaboration results in more accurate assessments, enabling better tailored support for individual child needs. The ASQ®-3 and ASQ®:SE-2 are integral components of our comprehensive assessment strategy, involving parents in completing developmental screenings to monitor their child’s progress. Adjustments to support are made as necessary, ensuring children are well-prepared for success beyond preschool.
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Diving Deeper into ASQ®

There is no additional cost associated with ASQ®-3 and ASQ®:SE-2 for families. 

The ASQ®-3 and ASQ®:SE-2 are not standardized assessments. These are developmental screeners that allow collaboration between programs and families to help get a clearer picture of a child’s development. 

The ASQ®-3 and ASQ®:SE-2 are integral components of our comprehensive assessment strategy. Completed by a family member, these questionnaires facilitate collaborative observation efforts. This joint approach enhances the ability to provide better, more personalized support for the child.